Would you vote for the following …

I have been seeing a lot of electoral campaigning issues given that Australia has a federal election coming up, and to be honest with you, I’m utterly fed up with how disingenuous and gutless all our politicians — or at least the vast majority of them — seem to be … so I decided to write an article explaining a hypothetical policy platform, to see how many people would read, share, and like it on social media; given also that I know what my blog has received in readership in the past, so it should be reasonably easy to tell if this does stunningly or unusually well compared to other past posts.

If it doesn’t strike a chord with people, then I may revert to my other plan of retiring to the countryside, or trying to find a way off this planet.

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The Incongruence of Government Departments

I was just watching a bit of a show on the ABC ( Australia ), in which they were talking about the recent fish kill in the Murray-Darling river system, and in which they were interviewing a guy from the environmental office of The Department of Primary Industries NSW ( www.dpi.nsw.gov.au ).

Now, think about that for a minute: here’s a guy whose role is supposed to be ecological concerns, but he works in a department which has an economically based prime directive. If that doesn’t scream incongruence to you, then you understand neither economics nor ecology.

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On the quality of Australian parliamentarians

It has always bothered me that senators and others get titles like “the honourable” when they are no such fucking thing, and quite frankly they’re the opposite. What bothers me even more is the proportion of them whom are utter imbeciles, completely corrupt, cowardly, incompetent, disingenuous, and even bat shit crazy. Not to mention all the others in the bureaucracy, judiciary, police, ‘intelligence services’, and defence forces, whom are at least complicit if not corrupt themselves.

My question is:

How the fuck do any of these twats qualify to even run for public office in the first place, much less actually get themselves elected and then maintain their position, instead of getting themselves arrested?

— and I think Australia really needs to ask itself why it is so willing to have the very worst and least our society produces, as its so-called “leaders” … when arguably these people are making nothing but bad decisions, and I challenge you to prove me wrong ( ie: name and argue why any significant set of policies by any government in the last 4 decades has been brilliant and visionary ).

Many of these people are without question corrupt as fuck, as they openly take bribes, which is the very definition of corruption, and the mere act of rebranding these bribes as ‘donations’ and ‘lobbying’ is all it takes to ignore the fact that it is bribery, and therefore corruption. Our parliament is full of criminals.

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Update regarding book 1 of series

Apologies for the ongoing delays in completing book one, but this latest round of drafts is a little like starting from scratch with a whole new central focus to bring it all into context. The general subject of the book is the same, but the style is entirely different ( having gotten some things off my chest in the first few rounds of drafts, which I can now throw in the trash where they belong ).

The first few chapters of part one have been quite difficult to establish, as they’re the basis for everything that follows, and so I need to get them exactly right, or as near to that as possible, and I’ve been carrying around multiple prior drafts with notes scribbled all over them, plus additional notes written on other pieces of paper — gradually sorting, editing, and incorporating all these things into the new draft.

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Comments on “Decarbonisation is flawed” article via Eco-Business Asia Pacific

My comments on this article:

I think the thing he misses, is that even when you have government regulation, what is the underlying economic paradigm motivating these corporations to do? That’s right: circumvent, undermine, avoid, corrupt, deceive, or control the regulations and regulators … no matter what regulations you put in place, no natter which parts of the economy you apply them to, and no matter how you apply them, you will never change this fact, without changing the economic paradigm itself.

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Product Review: Windows 10 [ updated, AGAIN! ]

[ SECOND EDIT ] Just a day later, as if someone at Microsoft had read my article and thought to themselves “you think that’s crap? Check this out!” ( see bottom of article ).

[ FIRST EDIT ] Since writing this only a few hours ago, a few other things came to my attention, which I’ve added at the end

I’m writing this out of sheer frustration with an operating system that is actually a devolution, not an evolution in software design and programming. Windows 10 is still, after more than 3 years — on top of its rushed and hasty ‘development’, if you can call it that at all — an operating system barely worthy of the title “beta-release”, and is without question, a backward step in several respects from Windows 7 ( ie: it is a downgrade, not an upgrade ).

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Using nukes to stop an NEO impact ( the correct way )

I’ve been watching episodes of a TV show called Salvation on Netflix, which is basically the story of a desperate attempt to save Earth from an extinction level NEO ( Near Earth Object ) — aka asteroid — impact.

In the final episode of series 2, after everything else has gone wrong already, the main protagonist of the story ( Darius Tanz ) is trying to explain to The White House the dangers of fragmenting the asteroid by using nukes — ie: a last resort effort to save the planet — being that it just turns one large impact into many large impacts, and has a greater chance of wiping out all life ( as there’s no longer anywhere to hide ).

I suddenly realised that there is a correct way to use nukes to defend the planet …

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Kinetic Energy Weapons ( cars )

This is just a rant about a pet hate of mine: how easy it is to get a driver’s license, and how shit most people are at driving.

Here’s the thing: KE = (1/2).m.v^2

— what does this mean?

  • KE = Kinetic Energy — ie: the amount of energy in a massive body in motion at some given velocity;
  • which is equal to half the mass of the object ( in kilograms ) multiplied by its velocity ( metres per second ) squared;

— which in turn gives an answer in joules of energy.

  • So, let’s say that on average:
    1. your car weighs 1000 kgs;
      you’re travelling at 60 kph;
      and you’re an idiot;

    — what this means is that you’re an idiot in charge of a kinetic energy weapon, capable of doing anything up to: (1/2).1000.60^2 = 1,800,000 joules ( 1.8 MJ ( megajoules ) ) of damage to a stationary object … and if we increase your speed to 100 kph, that becomes 5 MJ ( approximately tripled for a bit over a 50% increase in velocity ).

    So why the fuck do we put so many useless drivers behind the wheel?

    That’s right:

    1. Politics;
    2. Profit;

    — because we make more money by selling more cars and fuel etc., and politicians get more votes by letting you have something that no one in their right mind should let you have, given that you’re too much of a narcissist to keep your attention on the road, and too much of an imbecile to drive well even if you did.

    So for all those people out there who keep hitting stationary objects, rear ending other cars while texting or doing their makeup, or whatever other distraction is stopping you from paying attention to what you’re doing … and for all those whom not only cannot drive 20kph faster than the speed limit ( in ideal circumstances ) safely, but whom are also so useless behind the wheel, that you drive 20 kph below the speed limit in ideal circumstances — please, PLEASE, P L E A S E! Go hand back your drivers license, or take some more lessons, or something, because if all of you were off the road, there would be no road rage, there would be few or no accidents, and we wouldn’t need a speed limit, because everyone else is wise enough to judge what is safe for their vehicle, driving ability, and the conditions of the road at the time they’re driving.

    You say you want a zero road toll ( deaths from driving related accidents )? FINE! Then hand back your license because you’re no fucking good at it!