On the quality of Australian parliamentarians

It has always bothered me that senators and others get titles like “the honourable” when they are no such fucking thing, and quite frankly they’re the opposite. What bothers me even more is the proportion of them whom are utter imbeciles, completely corrupt, cowardly, incompetent, disingenuous, and even bat shit crazy. Not to mention all the others in the bureaucracy, judiciary, police, ‘intelligence services’, and defence forces, whom are at least complicit if not corrupt themselves.

My question is:

How the fuck do any of these twats qualify to even run for public office in the first place, much less actually get themselves elected and then maintain their position, instead of getting themselves arrested?

— and I think Australia really needs to ask itself why it is so willing to have the very worst and least our society produces, as its so-called “leaders” … when arguably these people are making nothing but bad decisions, and I challenge you to prove me wrong ( ie: name and argue why any significant set of policies by any government in the last 4 decades has been brilliant and visionary ).

Many of these people are without question corrupt as fuck, as they openly take bribes, which is the very definition of corruption, and the mere act of rebranding these bribes as ‘donations’ and ‘lobbying’ is all it takes to ignore the fact that it is bribery, and therefore corruption. Our parliament is full of criminals.

Of the current 200+ Senators and Members, many of whom I know little about, I can say the following about the few of them I am familiar with as the very worst:

  • Eric Abetz: related to one of the original Nazis from Nazi Germany in the 1940s … do you really think the apple falls far from the tree when his behaviour says he inherited more than genes from these cunts?
  • Fraser Anning: from a family of bigots guilty of crimes of bigotry and murder against aboriginal people … arguably his family should be asset stripped to compensate any survivors of their crimes, and he should be sent back to whatever country his family came from, as his presence is also an insult to those survivors;
  • Cory Bernardi: intellectually crippled nincompoop and loudmouth, very publicly says a great many things too stupid to be credited to a grown adult … how the fuck did someone like this qualify to run for office?
  • Matthew Canavan: just another mediocre cunt, cannot be said to be impressive in any regard, I’m surprised he’s not just selling crap people don’t need in a loveless marriage … wait a minute … maybe he is;
  • Michaelia Cash: even bigger cunt than Canavan, she is an absolutely nasty piece of work in every regard, no redeemable qualities whatsoever;
  • Mathias Cormann: well spoken fascist cunt, smarter than some, but no more ethical than the worst of them;
  • Pauline Hanson: an insult to morons to call her a moron … one of the least intelligent parliamentarians ever ( if not the least ), and perhaps her only competition in the stupidity, ignorance, and insanity stakes, are the likes of Katter and Abbott … which raises the important questions of “how the fuck did she get elected once let alone twice, and how the fuck did we elect not just 1 but 2 others of equal or greater insanity and ignorance, with a dozen or two others not far behind?” … it beggars belief!
  • David Leyonhjelm: total cunt and fascist … definitely unworthy of political office;
  • Arthur Sinodinos: comes across as a thug / gangster style fascist, and particularly manipulative without any ethics;
  • Tony Abbott: makes a turd seem intelligent and sentient, definitely on a par with Hanson — an insult to the women he claimed to represent when he bizarrely took up a role in women’s affairs, and now doing the same to aboriginals;
  • George Christensen: stupid bigoted insecure immature ignorant and likely seriously delusional if not insane Christian fundamentalist/extremist;
  • Julie Bishop: extremely nasty cunt who aided criminals as a lawyer before her political career, and whom cruelly ( and illegally by international law ) worked to deny the human rights of asbestosis sufferers, by delaying their court cases so they’d die before they saw compensation;
  • Peter Dutton: likely criminally corrupt ex-cop, and bigoted fascist thug and bully — a power mad megalomaniac who is pushing for an extreme surveillance state with few if any human rights or civil liberties acknowledged;
  • Josh Frydenberg: corrupt as fuck, and a mediocre intellect;
  • Greg Hunt: out of his depth cowardly corrupt and incompetent ‘yes man’;
  • Barnaby Joyce: bigoted and corrupt know-nothing imbecile;
  • Bob Katter: completely bag shit crazy and bigoted as fuck;
  • Scott Morrison: religious nutter, liar, imbecile, and absolutely unqualified for any kind of leadership role ( even outside of politics ) … he makes the position of Prime Minister a joke;
  • Christopher Pyne: annoying smug and vicious ( but cowardly ) fascist cunt … definitely has tickets on himself, and totally overrated sense of his own intellectual ability and potential;
  • Bill Shorten: corrupt, disingenuous, and incompetent cunt … an insult to the legacy of Gough Whitlam, and an agent saboteur in the ALP << which is a party that should have NEITHER a right or centre faction, which only serve to undermine the left, and shift the party to the right ( which is redundant, as that’s what the LNP are for );
  • Alan Tudge: stupid callous prick, and a very mediocre mind;

So of the over 200 various senators and reps, many are not so prominent in the media, and I can’t tell you much about many of those I didn’t name, a great many are equally as evil and stupid as the above … with less than a dozen being people of any significant intellectual potential or ethical backbone.

… and then you have the recently departed:

  • Bronwyn Bishop
  • Malcolm Turnbull

… and a long history of other arseholes bigots and cunts dating back decades.

At best ( out side the criminally corrupt, ignorant, incompetent, imbecilic, and insane ), we tend towards the complicit, cowardly, and/or mediocre — such as:

  • Derryn Hinch: an unfortunately ofttimes faux progressive ( though to give him the benefit of the doubt, I think he genuinely ‘means well’, but just gets it wrong too often for my liking ) … I’d rather him than certain others, BUT I still think he should be considered below the minimum standard we should accept in parliament … the only other thing I can say in his favour, is that the only reason he is mentioned here while far worse others are not, is because while I know they’re worse, I don’t recall enough to mention them << but which arguably isn’t a reason to say he’s worthy of sitting in parliament, just less unworthy;
  • Wayne Swan: a man with potential who sold his soul, and demonstrates the notion of ‘the best of a bad bunch’ << which is unfortunately about the best you can say of any member of either major party, with perhaps only 2-3 exceptions at most;
  • Penny Wong: a woman of great ability, but unfortunately she’s a brainwashed capitalist apologist, and thus doesn’t live up to her potential, even if she’s a “lesser evil” in some regards;
  • Richard Di Natale: I cant figure out if he’s a genuine Green sometimes, but I do often find myself seriously doubting he’s a genuine socialist, because he doesn’t have the balls to really speak out against the very worst things in the world, and is too easily distracted by superficialities … whether this is because he’s a faux progressive, or just too naive to understand the flaws of his position and strategy, is the question I keep asking myself, and I think the Greens could do way better than him as their leader, as I particularly think the party’s rapid progress under Bob Brown really went off the rails, stalled, and then died under subsequent leadership, including Di Natale — which is not to say the Greens are dead, but they do need to rethink ( much like the ALP ) whether it is self sabotaging to allow ANY right or centre factions within the party << and I’ll give you a clue guys, it’s fucking stupid;

So Australia, how-the-fuck-come we have so many utter twats occupying the most important jobs in the country, and why hasn’t this caused a riot? Seriously, why are we ok with this? Why are there no standards? Why is there no process to keep these kinds of arseholes and imbeciles out of parliament, or a process to immediately remove them and reverse their actions and decisions, once they’re revealed for the corrupt cunts that they are?

Here’s the facts:

  1. Lobbying IS bribery;
  2. Bribery IS corruption;
  3. Corruption IS illegal;

— there is no valid counter argument, and yet we, the courts, the cops, and the army DO NOTHING … how is this ok?

I don’t know about you but I’m seriously unimpressed with the last 40 years of Australian politics, which took a wrecking ball to some of the most progressive education health and other policy matters in the world, leaving us now only a few steps behind the insanity of the USA … and if the Australian public had any sense at all, there would be a national strike of all industries and professions, DEMANDING the worst of them are arrested, investigated, asset stripped, and incarcerated.

We are lucky that we do have a handful of good parliamentarians, of note being Larissa Waters, Doug Cameron, Sarah Hanson-Young, and a few others … into which list, I’d perhaps be forgiving enough to include the aforementioned Penny Wong and some others, whom aside from their failings, are at least reasonably intelligent and well educated, even if ideologically I think they need to question a few ( or many ) of their beliefs and strategic decisions.

Another important and related question:

  • IF the purpose of the AFP, ASIO, and ADF is to “protect Australia’s interests”;
  • THEN why have they not simply declared certain billionaires and others, such as Rupert Murdoch “persona non-grata”, confiscated their Australian assets, and issued arrest warrants and extradition proceedings, in order to bring them to justice for their crimes — including:
    • influence of corruption in Australian business and politics;
    • promotion of war & thus complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity;

— surely this should be an open and shut case, particularly with respect to Murdoch’s media empire, which at best has the excuse of ‘implausible deniability’ ( because it certainly isn’t evidentially, logically, or rationally plausible ).

The next question arising being:

How the fuck do you expect anything to ever improve if you don’t curtail the actions of these cunts?

Seriously, we are well into ecological and social crises, that can only be reversed if we act now and urgently, and where failure to do so constitutes a grave mistake of grand proportions and consequences. Where is the action by those charged with the duty to act? From what I can see, they must all be corrupt, complicit, cowardly, and/or utterly incompetent … and the one bit of formal influence the electorate is given, is used very poorly by a bigoted and brainwashed Australian public who don’t know what is good for them, and are gullible as fuck in many regards, or at least politically ignorant and apathetic.

The Solution:

Many years ago I had a replacement mathematics lecturer whom was rousingly entertaining when he gave a bit of a speech on the subject of “why don’t we have any Australian mathematicians or scientists on coins and stamps?” — and while at one level this is a superficial concern, it is however ( as he’s speech pointed out ) a very important indicator of a deeper problem with Australian society, being that we do not recognise, value, nurture, reward, or respect our true intellectuals, and unfortunately this means we do not listen to nor take their advice, and they often get so frustrated they just leave the country.

What we need to do includes:

  • Remove ‘the lord’s prayer’ from parliamentary proceedings;
  • Establish separation of church and state;
  • Tax non-charitable religious dealings;
  • Require clear separation of religious and charitable works;
  • Remove insane parliamentary privileges, expenses, and pensions;
  • Investigate, prosecute, and asset strip past and present corrupt politicians;
  • Outlaw lobbying as bribery thus corruption, limit donations;
  • All remaining political donations must be transparent, and go through an independent approval process governed by the AEC and a corruption watchdog, with certain interests being blacklisted;
  • Make parliamentarians liable for fraud, corruption, deception etc., and regularly investigated and held to account;
  • Allow the public to vote out any politician at any time;
  • Allow the public to down-vote / veto any political decision at any time;
  • Allow the public to vote for any policy to be codified and protected in the constitution, to avoid it being used as a political football in the future — for example:
    • Constitutionally protecting a UBI / minimum wage calculation algorithm, which data mines the internet to determine a per person, real time, and location specific cost of living;
    • Constitutionally protecting a similar set of algorithms for funding of minimum education, health, and other ( critical ) social services / public infrastructure spending, such as to ensure that politicians can only differentiate themselves by arguing a case for increased or redirected additional spending on such things, but the base is untouchable;
  • Create systems for direct democracy, so that individuals can both propose and vote on things they care about without being forced to go via representation;
  • Require evidence and logic based standards for any policy of legislation or regulation to be proposed and voted on ( invalid otherwise );
  • Allow voting by representative on an ad hoc, part time, or full time basis, but all such representatives must pass minimum standards INCLUDING a psych evaluation;
  • Any voter may be investigated by the AEC and deemed unqualified to propose and/or unworthy to vote on legislation etc. if they fail to pass a psych evaluation or some other test of their character, which is NOT based on ideology, but on science;
  • Elect more scientifically literate representatives and bureaucrats ( where we have representatives at all );
  • Establish a proper treaty with the First Nation aboriginal people of this land, and work towards a new model of governance in which their indigenous knowledge and wisdom is brought to bear, and takes its rightful lead over and above the imported European fuckwittery;

— and while all this might seem both difficult and even ‘extreme’ to some of you, can you honestly say it wouldn’t be infinitely better than what we have now?

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