Australia rolls out the welcome mat, fascist style

Australia rolls out the welcome mat — bigoted fascist style — and terrifies potential tourists and immigrants.

If you go to ( screen capture taken 27th June 2019 ), you will be presented with the following options ( see image below ):

— now for anyone who actually understands English, which clearly nobody in Peter Dutton’s department does, you would be aware that being a tourist ( visitor ) has NOTHING to do with ‘immigration and citizenship’, and so you’d think to yourself: “well, if I want to apply for a tourist visa, surely I must be wanting to select the ‘travel and crossing the border’ option, since I have no interest in emigrating, and none of the other options are relevant.

But you’d be wrong, because the imbecilic semiliterate bigoted fascist numb-skulls that run this country, can’t even design a logical website using their own language.

As Effie would say: “how embarrassment!”

So anyway, when you select ‘travel and crossing the border’ — which redirects to — you’re presented with this:

— OH MY FUCKING GOD THEY’RE GOING TO PUT ME IN A DETENTION CENTRE! What the fuck did I do? I haven’t even been there yet! I haven’t even bought my plane ticket!

What the fuck about this organisation of the website makes any fucking sense for a start, just in terms of the correct use of English alone — not to mention the fact that the only remotely friendly thing about it is they put a photo of a friendly enough looking female on it — but that’s a pretty thin veneer on top of the overtly fascist authoritarianism of the site.

It’s quite clear that home affairs struggles with our own native language, and they have NFI about making people feel welcome, or they’re such cunts they don’t care to do so.

This website is about as friendly as the US Army turning up in your country to give you some ‘Freedom & Democracy (TM)’ at the barrel of a gun, and gives the impression that as far as the Australian government is concerned, you’re a criminal until you prove otherwise.

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