Natural Allies: Capitalism’s and Fascism

Another major flaw of capitalism, is its natural innate support for any and every hypothetically possible manifestation of anything even remotely similar to the underlying principles of fascism.

This relationship works something like this:

  • People need money to survive, so they work;
  • War profiteers, mafia, and anyone else willing to use (including psychological) violence for profit – are rich;
  • Since violence can wrest wealth from non-violent others, this changes the proportions of wealth holders;
  • Those rich people whom gained wealth via violence, support those who are aligned with their ideology;
  • Thus even more psychopaths & sociopaths gain wealth and thus also, power;
  • Within their organisations they also need trusted employees who know their secrets;
  • Thus not only the ownership but the management become filled with ideologically aligned psycho/socio-paths;
  • Some of these now make enough money to invest in or develop their own businesses, and become owners also;
  • MEANWHILE: if you’re not ideologically aligned but lucky enough to run your own business, you need clients;
  • AND in addition to those clients you need allies, partners, and suppliers;
  • Whether you like it or not, and whether you know it or not, some of them are the aforementioned psych/socio-paths;
  • In order to do business with them, you must either:
    • Be – wilfully or otherwise – ignorant of their truth to “protect” your principles;
    • Compromise your principles and turn a blind eye;
    • Have no principles and ignore the fact;
    • Join in and become something similar;
  • Thus even businesses run by good people often enable, as they need the money, resulting in entrenchment of power;
  • Employees end up in the exact same position with respect to the points above and their relationship with employers;
  • The only people with any kind of “choice” in the matter are consumers, but with one company owning another that owns another and another, you can think you’re buying ethically, and yet be completely mistaken … or simply have no choice, and sometimes finding out where your money is going is very difficult (not to mention time consuming);

Capitalism finds it extremely difficult not to support the wealth power entrenchment of violent psychopaths and sociopaths, it even flows through to our relationship to all other species, whose very lives we wrest from them, and then economically exploit even their corpses … to capitalism, everything and everyone of every species is just a resource to be exploited UNLESS they have the economic power to defend themselves, which is the very heart of fascism.

EVEN IF you create laws to attempt to curb this:

  • The laws will be imperfect;
  • Enforcement also expensive and imperfect;
  • Proof will be difficult to come by;
  • Arrests countered by economic power;
  • Trials corrupted by economic power;
  • Convictions rare.


I rest my case: capitalism and fascism are natural allies, the core underlying principles of capitalism and fascism are ultimately a 1 to 1 map … they are completely aligned. This is an innate flaw, not some kind of bug that can be fixed … thus the system needs to be replaced, not repaired – as it is not “broken”.

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