Update: book 1 completed ( first draft )

After splitting off what I’d previously written as one single book into a series of 4, I’ve now finished a first pass at book 1 in that series. Coming in so far at just under 70,000 words, I suspect by the time I’ve finished a 2nd pass at it, it may be over 80,000 words, because I think I’ll see a few things that I’ve forgotten to explain along the way.

Once this 2nd draft of book 1 is completed, I’ll be asking some people to have a read through and provide feedback, then following a 3rd draft after that, I’ll be looking at publishing options.

If anyone knows a good publisher that operates in the space of non-fiction books – of a slightly academic bent – in the genre of economics, ecology, politics, and the psycho-social constructs of civilisation, I’d be very interested in hearing from them.

Book 1 is a crash course in philosophy, logic, maths, modelling, and sciences to provide a reference framework for the audience prior to reading book 2 of the series. It could be taken in isolation as a primer for academic study in some regards, but that’s not its true purpose. I do think it provides some extremely insightful interpretations of information in these fields, including a few things that could each constitute the basis for a PhD ( if I could get the support to do it ).

At a guess I’d say it could be ready for publication in the next 1-2 months, depending on how quickly I can get some feedback for further drafts, and depending on how quickly I can get assistance with publishing.

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