Why is a vegan diet healthier?

Just a quick article to share what is ( to me at least ) a statement of the bleeding obvious that for some reason people just don’t seem to get.

OK, here’s the thing:

  1. You have a gut biome – ie: a bunch of species of bacterium that live in your gut;
  2. These species of bacterium ( like every other ) evolve extremely rapidly, partly because they can replicate so quickly, and partly because they can pass RNA to each other and thus evolve even without replication by simply learning from other bacterium;
  3. Your health is seriously dependent on the health of that gut biome;
  4. That biome changes in both balance and evolved nature of bacterial species significantly as a consequence of what you eat;
  5. You are extremely closely related to all other mammals, and still relatively closely related to birds and reptiles;
  6. So when you have a diet that is heavy in meat, what are you training your gut biome to eat? You’re training them to eat YOU.

It really is that simple ( in some regards ), there’s still more to it than that, but if you eat meat every single day or every other day, then you have a gut biome that is extremely well specialised to eat you, and thus your body has to expend additional resources to protect itself, and eventually that strain depletes your resources and makes you increasingly susceptible to such an internal attack.

There’s good reason why carnivorous creatures tend to have lower maximum life spans than herbivores.

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