Update – August 7th, 2017: book draft 2 ( of part 1 ) complete

Just finished draft 2 of part 1, so onto editing draft 2 of part 2 next, and awaiting feedback from friends on the first chunk of part 1 before I upload the 2nd chunk of the remainder of part 1.

Currently sitting at a little over 61,000 words for mostly parts 1&2, but based on that 2nd draft of part 1, it should be more like 75,000 – 90,000 words by the end of draft 2 of part 2, then with any luck I won’t have to change too much before I can run headlong into part 3 ( I’m just waiting for feedback while I do these 2nd drafts, because I’d like to be sure of the direction before I continue, so that I know any further drafts and edits are relatively minor versus a whole structural rewrite.

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