Goodbye dad

I love you, I wish you were still here, I wish we had many more days in which to get to know each other better … but the last chance for that is now gone, and all I can do is study the things you left behind, including my feelings for and memories of you, in order to divine new clues as to the nature of who you were.

I hope you’re not just worm poo, I hope that some part of you still exists in some dimension, and that you have new adventures ahead of you … I just wish I had some way of knowing, but more than that, I wish I could actually see you again, and one day to have the relationship we always should have had in the first place.

I cannot regret anything, partly because there’s no point, and partly because I know that what happened, happened … you only knew what you knew, and no one gets an instruction manual to themselves or anyone else, we all just have to figure it out for ourselves. I just wish I had more information to understand you with.

Goodbye dad, I know your last moments were painful, and I wish you peace from here on, wherever that may be.

I love you dad.

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