Everyone wants change, no one is willing to undergo discomfort

I’ve discovered something very disappointing in my attempts over the years to gain adequate support to take my work forward … which is that on the one hand, while everyone (or almost everyone) says they want change, very few are willing to undergo any discomfort to get there … and when I say “any” discomfort, I quite literally mean “none whatsoever”.

Let me give you an example:

  • In the information I’ve posted online, you’d be blind to have missed the very frequently repeated words “25 year obsession” … and you’d think this might make some people think “wow, 25 years … I guess you must have a monumental amount of information in your head about this topic then … I’ll be what you’ve written is only a tiny fraction of the whole vision & its details”;
  • BUT … I’m not sure many people do think that … and the worst offenders against this basic observation, are those who come from some kind of business / economics / marketing / professional background … they keep asking the EXACT SAME STUPID QUESTION: “can you tell me what this is about in 2-3 sentences?”
  • Well … guess what guys: NO I FUCKING CAN’T, IT’S TOO FUCKING BIG! Idiots!

So … why does this constitute an example of people not wanting to undergo discomfort?

Because … they want everything without exception to fit into their existing belief paradigm, to have that paradigm challenged would be uncomfortable, and the effort of listening to technical explanations (not to mention having to be educated by someone so they can even understand what it is they’re hearing), is just too much effort for their fragile selves & egos. They cannot bear even that minuscule insignificant & undemanding effort on their own part.

Not-surprisingly, with a few exceptions, those whom have helped have either been:

  1. Those whom already know me reasonably well;
  2. Those whom are already heavily involved or concerned about these issues;
  3. Those least able to help.

The big surprise here for me so far though, is this:

  • Within the groups of The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, Ubuntu movement, RBE Community, New Earth, and many others … I see lots of people and far more resources than I have being gathered;
  • Perhaps this is because they have a message people can understand, perhaps it’s because they’re nicer and more sociable than myself (less grumpy & curmudgeon) … but;
  • Not one offer of assistance has come from those communities.

Now, I understand that they have their own agendas & needs, and some of them can barely cover those … so let me just focus on the first 3:

  • TZM has produced 3 entire movies and has a following of millions;
  • TVP has been around decades as the vision of Jacque Fresco, again with a huge audience;
  • Ubuntu is more recent, but has a global following.

So with potentially millions of people out there who could potentially help me, why is it so uncomfortable for them to do so?

  • Is it because they don’t like the way I insult religion? Well, suck it up guys, religion is bullshit brainwashing & has zero positive merit that cannot be achieved without it, but tons of negative consequences that are only justified because of it … so I’m not going to say differently to placate your own cowardice at questioning your own brainwashing … grow the fuck up, open your eyes and FACE REALITY WITHOUT THE CRUTCH OF “GOD”! You don’t fucking need it!
  • Is it because they don’t believe I can understand certain things just because they cannot do so & don’t believe anyone else can? Well that’s just stupid. I don’t understand brain surgery, do you think I cry at night about that? I don’t understand piloting an aircraft either. There are countless things I do not significantly understand, and not one of them makes me feel bad about myself for lack of knowing it. So again, grow the fuck up.
  • Is it because their own work comes to slightly different conclusions and they believe I’m wrong? Well, I know that not one of you who may think so has spent anywhere near enough time in conversation with me to find out enough information to make that determination, I also know that every single such assertion put to me over the last 2 decades is something I’ve been able to answer, and that the nature of my answers are such that: in disagreeing, you’re not disagreeing with me at all, you’re disagreeing with established logic, maths & science … what I’m talking about is an inevitable conclusion drawn from a vast array of overlapping evidence … and conversely, I’ve seen what many of your counter arguments are … they’re hopes, they’re assertions, they’re ideologies … they’re not equations.


  • Per unit of resource input, my project can help yours faster & better than yours can help mine or anyone else’s;
  • You’ve done great work in building community & in education, but;
  • The leap you’re trying to make is too great, built on false assumptions, & thus you require consensus which you’ll never get until it’s too late;
  • It won’t matter if you build a “safe haven” for yourself, as there’s no such thing as isolated safe havens on an unstable biosphere, we either all get through this, or no one does;
  • What you’re all missing in your plans, I know you’re missing because:
    • Your statements make that apparent;
    • Your actions make it apparent;
    • If you knew what I knew, you’d have done vastly more with the resources & community you have.
  • What you’re lacking is the precise mechanisms of:

    • systems and strategies for scientifically quantifiable non-property/trade/currency-based, socially just and sustainable economic interaction;
    • systems and strategies for scientifically quantifiable non-species-biased, non-hierarchical, and both ecologically and socially just and sustainable law and politics;
    • self-evolving feedback loop systems and strategies for the above;
    • a bi-directionally translating and buffering interface between these new fledgling systems and strategies, with the existing (external) and entrenched property/trade/currency & hierarchy based (& biased) paradigm;
    • systems and strategies of integrated project collaboration, development & resource allocation, such that even the tiniest and most seemingly insignificant tasks & actions, can be quantified in terms of both positive & negative ecological & social consequences of justice & sustainability, in order to be able to calculate pathways of least probability of harm, and greatest probability of gain … all of which is from a non-specie so-biased perspective;
  • NONE OF YOU have anything remotely approaching all this …
  • ALL OF YOU need it …
  • … why aren’t we working together?
  • … why when I attempt to contact you, do I so often get little interest or no reply at all?
  • Do you all have spinal damage, suffer pain, homelessness & poverty like me? Peter Jospehs, you made 3 successful movies, you have a movement of millions, but I’m sorry mate, you’re just plain fucking wrong about a couple of things, but they’re significant, and they’re leading you down a path that won’t work without consensus &/or monumental resources in big immediate chunks … I can do way more with way less, AND THUS DEVELOP the kind of resources required to eventually take EVEN BIGGER STEPS than what you’re proposing …

BUT THE THING IS … I need your help.

I’ve been doing this largely (not entirely, but largely) alone for 25 years, all of it unfunded. I have suffered immensely for this, and I still suffer for it … I’ve seen crowdfunding campaigns that have raised millions for arguably trivial things … is it just that people don’t understand the serious trouble we’re in as a species? Do they not understand or trust the science? Do they think it’s hopeless? Do they just not want to think about it?

Whatever the reason, I have fuck-loads of work to do … ALL OF IT is extremely complex and difficult EVEN IF I get the support I need … So just try for a second to imagine what it’s like being me:

  • I understand the science
  • I understand and have seen and analysed the evidence
  • I’ve even predicted multiple things more than a decade in advance of the “official” discovery
  • … because what I don’t see is the reason why people have so much “faith in humanity” …
  • What I see is that we have been EXTREMELY LUCKY up until this point, and that luck is probably already run out, most of you just don’t realise it yet … because this planet, it’s ecosystems, other species, people of other nations, and the poor within your own nation … these have universally paid the price of past and present mistakes for us all, and they have nothing left to give, they cannot pay the price of further future mistakes … THEY ARE QUITE SIMPLY EXHAUSTED … AS AM I.

I am exhausted from this journey. I have no car, no job, no money, no superannuation (I’m about to take out under hardship provisions the <$5000 I have in super in order to replace this laptop), few clothes, no social life beyond the occasional coffee or meal at a cafe as a means of trying yo stay sane, and the handful of other possessions I have are mostly in storage under a house in another state in humid conditions where they’ll likely all be irrecoverable by the time I can retrieve them.

I and this project desperately need your support … AND YOU AND EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU KNOW AND LOVE desperately need to give me that support REGARDLESS of how you feel about me personally, or whether you understand why what I am saying is correct.

If I get that support:

  1. I can produce more materials to explain what I’m doing in easier to understand and assimilate formats;
  2. I can hire others to work on it with me, and to do things I can’t do or faster than I can do them;
  3. I can produce a working prototype of the system and test it;
  4. I can test it with projects that will make money in the existing economic paradigm & thus further support the work;
  5. I can open up that tested system for public use, so that you can do your own projects & help others with theirs;
  6. I can open the code for global development (once it’s at a stage that is no longer vulnerable to sabotage);
  7. We can all then begin interacting increasingly WITHOUT the need for property trade or currency;
  8. Eventually the concepts of property trade & currency will become redundant;
  9. If you want something that is not scarce, you just take it;
  10. You harvest, store, process & use all resources (scarce or abundant) in a manner least likely to increase scarcity, most likely to decrease scarcity, least likely to cause other ecological or social harm, most likely to cause other ecological and social benefits, all of which is largely automatically quantified and logged by the system (sometimes with your help), thus you’re free to do as you please, there’s no need to enforce anything, you merely decide how much you’re willing to risk access to scarce resources when your desire to do something is not going to constitute the best action you could otherwise do … so you can still be selfish, you can still do damage, you’re just motivated not to, because your access to scarce resources is in competition against those who might need the same resources, but not make as many selfish decisions as you did … BUT given that everyone is motivated to reduce scarcity, you may also sometimes get away with it.

In this vision: there is plenty for all … BUT we must first repair the damage done, and we cannot repair that damage while we’re still operating under the system that drives the continuance of damage, not without consensus anyway … and consensus is something I have no faith in, so long as others do have faith in the supernatural and the various other forms of propaganda & brainwashing they’ve been subjected to.


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