“Job Creator” – title of the wealthy but otherwise talentless.

Thought for the Day: #JobCreators

If you’re the kind of person who uses this title “job creator” about yourself, then you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel of talentlessness … because let’s face it, anyone with any real skills – a mechanic, painter, architect, musician, or whatever – may very well create jobs as a by-product of what they do, but that’s just it … it’s a by-product, and nothing really worth mentioning; they’re not going to say “I’m a job-creator”, they’re going to say “I paint frescos”, or “I fix prestige motor engines”, or “I perform neurosurgery”.

So the very fact you say of yourself “I’m a job creator”, means you haven’t got anything better to say, because if you did, you’d say it, and you’d be embarrassed to add “job creator” at the end, as if it was some kind of a talent, rather than just a purely coincidental economic by-product of what EVERYONE does ( when they actually have creative knowledge, skills, and talent ).

the other consequence of this is:
  • IF you’re wealthy and own businesses, and this is your reason for having said it, but you don’t have anything of value to say about what you contribute to those businesses in terms of actual talent ( which you would absolutely say – as discussed – if you had any );
  • THEN in reality it’s your wealth that is the “job creator”, you’re just a useless middle-man;
  • BECAUSE ( arguably ) IF the people with the actual talents doing the jobs you claim to have created, could get their hands on the money directly, without having to deal with anyone as boring as yourself ( whom has nothing to offer other than the meaningless and redundant title of “job creator” ), they would;
  • AND IF they could get the money without you, then they wouldn’t have to put up with you pilfering a chunk of the value of what they created ( ie – the real & only creation of anything going on ).

in closing:

Capitalism is run by a great many people with nothing to offer, and you’ve got to wonder about that … why do so many talentless fucks have so much money and power?

Simple: the system is flawed … it nurtures and protects exactly these kinds of people, and convinces others to look up to them, instead of being inspired by really talented and intelligent people … the deluded followers believe that money is evidence of talent.