Justifying a critique of the status quo

I often say that I find the world’s so called “leadership” to be incompetent (amongst other things), and while I think I’ve already more than adequately justified that critique, it appears some think I’m being unfair; so let me just briefly reiterate the universal critique:

  1. Those in the upper echelons of society hold the vast majority of all economic, political and other forms of power;
  2. They hold the by far vast majority of all the world’s resources;
  3. Arguably there are plenty out there whom are so mind bogglingly wealthy, they could quit work entirely, never need to earn another dollar, do nothing to actively pursue additional revenue, and they’d still be earning vastly more per annum (just on investment interest) than any hundred at the bottom end of the workforce;
  4. They’d also have enough assets to pay a full time wage to a significant research team … we’re talking serious financial resources and other forms of influence.

Now … you either believe that:

  1. with all these resources at their disposal, with all the possibilities for alliances thus bringing in others of similar wealth … somehow, they still can’t figure out how to solve really basic problems, &/or;
  2. they haven’t got a collective clue what they’re doing, &/or;
  3. the system itself prevents them from solving problems if they refuse to look for solutions outside the scope of the system that is ultimately the cause of those problems (in which case they’re incompetent and stupid), &/or;
  4. they have another agenda entirely, thus any proclaimed attempts at discovering “solutions” (while the world continues to decay), are successes not failures, as their true aim is to do damage … either because they think they’re doing good (ie – they’re at least deluded, if not insane), seeing harm as good … or because they genuinely want to cause harm for harm’s sake (ie – they’re definitely insane).

If anyone has evidence that of all these options, it’s actually the first of them, and somehow I’m underestimating the complexity of solving the problems, fine … but show me your evidence … because when I look at a lot of what’s going on, all I see is what appears to be either incompetence or intentional sabotage.

I for one would most definitely like to know which it is … especially if any of these people would allow me to prove them wrong, that such actions as they’re taking are not necessary … but in order to do that of course (Catch22), I need access to their resources … and if they’re convinced they’re doing the right thing, then it’s unlikely they’ll afford me such a chance.

Hence the continuing insanity of life on Earth.

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