“New Economy”: invalidating the solution by protecting the problem

I understand that a lot of people either care (or claim to care) about the state of the world and where we’re headed … and many efforts are going in to “finding the solution” … but the thing you all have to understand is this:

  • IF you include the problem as part of your “solution”;
  • THEN – at some critical threshold – your solution will break.

… some will break earlier and easier than others, but break they shall … every last one of them … because the more extreme the conditions, the closer you are to reaching such a threshold for any such proposal, right from the start.

The conditions of our situation are indeed extreme, so we have no room for such error.

As I look around the various aspects and incarnations of the “new economy”, I see many examples of great thinking … BUT … unfortunately many of them sabotage themselves in precisely this way, because they need resources from the status quo in order to design the demise of the status quo, but the vested interests of that system are unwilling to invest in its demise, so what you end up with are watered down proposals, many of which were nowhere near radical enough to begin with … and all the while we slide further down this slippery slope, gaining acceleration and momentum ourselves, on top of the momentum of the very system we’re supposed to be changing.

I developed Open Empire to deal with these facts properly … but herein lies the problem … as it means I need to initially receive support on the basis of very vague, one sided and non-negotiable conditions, so that I do not undermine my own work and objectives. For this reason I’ll be posting a new static page for the project very soon, inviting such “Angel Investors” … and if you are one or know one, please send them in my direction, because this is very hard work.

Open Empire abandons entirely the principles of property trade and currency, yet interfaces and bi-directionally translates with that paradigm via a protective buffer of systems, strategies and structures. It does so because on the one hand while its vital to be doing things in new ways that don’t cause problems in the first place, or which fix problems that already exist … IT IS ALSO VITAL to actively undermine the detrimental impacts of the status quo, so long as it exists. One of the best ways of doing so being, to leech its resources and funnel them into entirely different activities and decisions.

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