New post categories

author’s note

The categories didn’t import properly from the old website, so it will take me a while to recategorise all the posts, along with the rewriting of old articles.

Along with these changes, I’ve decided to modify the categories to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for … the categories are as follows:


When an article discusses the potential consequences of some aspect of the status quo, the transition, or the future, the subcategories of this category will help you narrow down your area of interest.

The sub-categories are:

  • Cultural
  • Ecological
  • Economic
  • Political
  • Psychological
  • Sociological
  • Technological


Any article which proposes a serious hypothesis to explain something about which we do not yet know the definitive answer, you’ll find those articles here.

Both hypotheses and hypotheticals will often come with one or more consequences sub-categories.


Any article which is proposing a hypothetical scenario to explain what might ( and is likely ) to be the outcome of a particular scenario, will be found here.

These articles will often be designed to help you identify how your own interests and concerns are dealt with ( and better off ) within the regime proposed by the Open Empire Foundation.

Both hypotheses and hypotheticals will often come with one or more consequences sub-categories.


Information about the vision is here, including:

  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, individually explained
  • Investment: articles pertaining to investment in the vision
  • History: articles about the history of the vision, project, and team
  • Project Status Updates ( like this one ): updates about project progress


These may be only indirectly associated with the Project.

  • Thought for the Day: ideas that occur to me
  • Rants: some people tell me they love my rants, so I’ll make them easier to find.


I haven’t done any yet ( as of March 2017 ), but that’s another thing in the pipeline, sometimes relating to projects within the status quo.


Articles for specific project proposals will be found here


Articles that refer to:

  • The future
  • The transition
  • The status quo

final note:

Please be patient as I update the categories, and if you want to see things done faster, consider supporting my work on the links below.