On fascism

A quick post.

I just want you to understand something …

The extreme right wing, and those who hide in plain sight pretending to be on the left (or in the political centre for that matter) … are all complete and utter imbeciles … but more importantly, they’re cowards. The same is especially true of those from the business world who promote these idiotic agendas.

They’re scientifically illiterate, and suffer such extreme cognitive bias, that I doubt one of them could lay a reasonable claim to sanity.

Not one of them has the courage to face your views, your needs, your anything … on neutral ground.

These cowards will only face you with the odds completely stacked in their favour.

So do not attempt to reason with them, except in order to influence someone else.

… and remember always: they have nothing whatsoever that is worth the cost of becoming like them … for to become like them, is to become a hollow meaningless waste of disingenuous chicken-shit space, that isn’t worth the air in its lungs.

I used to pity them, but I’m no longer sure what the word is that describes what I think of them … because most of them are grown adults, and they have plenty of resources & security … so they basically have no excuses left, they’re just brainwashed & cowardly dipshits who can’t see the consequences of anything, and never will.

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