Open letter to Sir David Attenborough

I wrote this letter (edited) to GetUp Australia, as they’re currently running an advertising campaign featuring Sir David regarding the death of 93% of the Great Barrier Reef (a scary reality we must face).

However as I know people (including possible allies) often judge things they do not understand, I’m going to publish this as an open letter also … if anyone has the capacity to forward this to anyone else, such that it can eventually reach David’s eyes … please do so.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: I’ve been under significant stress for a very long time, so if you have your own judgements of how I’ve written this or whether you think I’m deluded, fine … but just shut the fuck up about it, because I really don’t need your completely useless, superficial and ill informed feedback, if that’s your opinion.

THE TASK: – just deliver this message to Sir David on my behalf:


Letter begins


“Dear David,

My name is Trevor Rose, I’m 45, and for more than half that time I’ve been obsessed with a single but broadly encompassing idea, one that took me 10 years just to figure out right questions to ask in order to find the answers.

You will likely already be familiar with the kind of work it is significantly based on, that of the late Howard Odum, which I was introduced to by a friend of mine whom is currently doing his PhD. But let me also briefly state that while significant, Howard’s work is also dwarfed by the sheer scale and scope of the total project and all its influences, which includes permaculture, systems theory, set theory, game theory, formal/philosophical logic and a great deal more besides.

In my lifetime I’ve done more than 100 jobs, and more than 20 years of both formal and informal tertiary level study and research, but without completing even a basic undergraduate degree, because my focus was never on the piece of paper … and as you can imagine, the system is not set up for people like myself, so I have not received the support I needed in an academic sense, and had to take it all on my own shoulders, without the resources to do anything else. However these and other challenges have also provided me with precisely the perspective required to achieve what I’ve done.

I’m sure you also know how conservative academic circles can be, and you can imagine my PhD friend doesn’t want to place himself at risk … HOWEVER … I’ve already asked him specific questions to be sure that, were I to tell him you had agreed to a meeting, he would be present and lend his considerable weight of contemplation and research to the discussion … which mind you, is not actually a necessary addition if I have an audience willing to listen for as long as it takes me to explain … but it is a significant bonus, as he has knowledge and expertise well outside my own, and without his thoughts, I never would have broken through the very biggest of all the stumbling blocks I encountered on this journey (with the exception of the financial hardship, which remains a major obstacle).

There is also a second PhD candidate whom I think you may actually be familiar with, but as this is not a private channel of communication I don’t want to name her … where my own friend has personally contributed to the work, she has met with me, heard it in detail, agrees with it, and wants to use it in a very special application of immense global significance (if I can get it working in time) … and since her PhD is in environmental sciences, I believe she would also wish to attend such a meeting. There are perhaps a few others I’d like to invite also, as they have specialist knowledge to contribute.

With the opportunity to explain this to you in detail, I think I could not only convince you of the merit of the project, but also convince you of its probability of success, given the attached strategy, and relative to the probability of the status quo having no chance of success whatsoever … since the status quo is the driving force behind all ecological destruction and social injustice in the first place.

In brief:

  1. I have figured out a way to apply the principles of Ecological Systems Modelling & Thermodynamics to the quantification of Ecological & Social Justice & Sustainability … such that I can even apply a quantifiable analysis of “justice” to a non-living object within an ecosystem (such as a rock in a stream), by way of analysis of its ecological services (such as mineral ionisation into the water, creation of turbulence, shade, habitat and so on), further combined with the relationship between these ecological services, and their flow on consequences for living organisms … admittedly such a calculation would be enormously complex, and not even necessarily possible at first in the short term (requiring time to evolve the system to be capable of such an analysis) … and perhaps not worth the effort of analysis in terms of the actual gains of doing so … but the point is that I can nonetheless argue a case for how such a thing would be achieved, and I use it as an example merely to demonstrate the principles and provide an impression of how far I’ve taken them;
  2. These principles have then been applied to the creation of an interdependent set of systems for the achievement of non-species-biased, non-property/trade/currency-based, and non-hierarchical (aka anarchic) law economics and politics … along with the additional systems & strategies required to bring it all about EVEN IF many people at the start not only don’t support it, but actually oppose it … in fact the entire thing has been designed on the premise that only a system robust enough to withstand all worst case scenarios coming true simultaneously and to their theoretical maximum detrimental impact, really has any hope of success of delivering the standard of results required … not just to save humanity, but to save all other species whom rely on us as the sole possibility of protection in the case of an extinction level NEO or similar impact event (and other potentially possible extinction events) … and whom also require us to cease seeing them as merely “resources” to be exploited;
  3. I’ve worked for many years without resources or support and in the face of immense obstacles, not the least of which includes: severe spinal damage, at times unrelenting and excruciating pain, debilitating depression, poverty, homelessness and other challenges … with only a handful of people understanding my work and knowing more of the details than anyone else … but nonetheless it is achievable, and I can prove it … especially to someone like yourself who cares enough to listen, has a non-commercially-biased/corrupted interest, and whom also has the intellect and education to understand the conversation;

So what I very much want is to organise a meeting with you, to discuss this in depth, and to explain to you how this could completely revolutionise the foundations of civilisation itself … and “save all our collective bacon” (for want of a better metaphor), assuming it’s not already too late.

I would then hope as an outcome you could become an advocate for the work, to connect me to those with the capacity to fund it, and to help in some way to produce the audiovisual content required to explain it at various levels in layman terms.

Regards, Trevor Rose”


Letter ends


Please, this is important … I understand why the scientific models always underestimate everything (beyond even the obvious conservatism of the process and the corruption of academia by financial vested interests) … I have predicted many things as much as 1-3 decades in advance of the official discovery … but I need a serious ally, because people are completely intellectually ill equipped to deal with what I have to say … and if I don’t get that ally, I really don’t see anyone doing anything remotely close to what needs to be done, because they’re failing to see just how much things really interact, and how much thermodynamic momentum is in the system already.

  • IF I AM RIGHT: we need to start implementing what I’ve been working on yesterday
  • IF I AM WRONG: it will be a wasted meeting because I won’t be able to convince him (no big loss)

I just need you to take this seriously and send him the message, make sure he gets it personally … please.

ONE LAST THING: if you’re not a Douglas Adams fan, please look him up before judging my email signature … I put that there because I need to remind myself to laugh and smile, and I hate the fact I have to explain it to avoid the comments about whether or not it is “professional”, and I wish people would pull the sticks out of their own arses instead of trying to shove one up mine … I’m not a conservative and never will be, as I find their perspective idiotic at best … I’m sure David can handle a little reference to some British humour, in fact he’d probably be delighted.

Regards & Best Wishes,

Trevor Rose

aka GalacticPresident

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