Project Update: September 2016

Hi all … very briefly:

  1. I’m sick with viral fever, headache, body ache, chest cough & phlegm … I’d describe the phlegm in detail but I really don’t think you’d want to know … point is, I’m holed up in bed, trying to stay warm, and seriously frustrated and bored … so I guess I’ve been pushing myself too hard for my condition;
  2. My laptop died (again), after I got it hobbling again last time I thought I might be in the clear, but right now I’m too sick to do anything about it, my head hurts all the time (especially when I cough) … so fuck it, I’m in bed doing what I can on mobile device with one finger typing;
  3. I’ve sold my rowing machine for money (since I couldn’t use it any more without undue risk due to spinal damage), and that money is all spent on flights and taxis to help care for a sick then injured dog whom I love very dearly & who lost his original human dad, so we’ve bonded very closely … and with my car having died early last year, I no longer have any major assets remaining that are sufficiently functional to sell off for cash …

Thus Open Empire is effectively stalled short of my writing, as I have no where near the resources I need for a basic stable life and to pursue the prototyping and other R&D I had started.

I could really use a break right now … if anyone knows a millionaire / billionaire who admits the status quo hasn’t a clue what they’re doing, and who’d be willing to fund me on terms that I can accept and don’t sabotage my objectives … please send them my way.

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