Proposed legislative and constitutional change: discretionary spending and tax

Again this is an idea that came to me many years ago, and was inspired by the appalling way in which the major political parties take bribes from vested interests, for which they’re expected in return to modify government spending to suit the ideology of those interests.

It seems to me a bizarre situation where parties are allowed to commit the crime of fraud during & after elections, by lying to the electorate so brazenly under the very fragile excuse of “plausible deniability” (which in reality should be called “implausible deniability” – since you’d have to be a monumental idiot to believe a word of it) … then betray everyone’s & everything’s interests (including their own as they’re too stupid to see the consequences of their actions) on the planet, by diverting money from where it’s needed into places where it’s neither needed nor sensible to place it.

Surely we can do better … and here’s how:

Instead of leaving these decisions up to stupid brainwashed people & their conflicting perspectives …

  • For each area of vital funding: health, education, and other social & ecological services / programs:
    • Determine a mathematical algorithm which can calculate (based on variables data-mined from the internet) the spending required to fulfil a minimum acceptable standard of achievement for this area;
    • That algorithm becomes protected by the constitution itself, requiring a full referendum vote in order to change it;
    • Changes can only be proposed when accompanied by logical, mathematical, scientific & well reasoned arguments … ideologies may not enter the equation;
    • This algorithm is used to predict spending for coming years, and thus determine taxation estimates in advance;
    • Taxation is then levied according to other constitutionally protected algorithms which ensure the relative burden of tax is weighted towards the top rather than the middle or bottom … if you benefit more from society, you should pay more, no excuses;
    • Such taxation algorithms are determined in part by calculating the fulfilment of all articles of the charter of human rights for each individual, and setting that as the tax free threshold: ie – you pay no tax until AFTER all your human rights are fulfilled … from which point it then begins scaling upwards by algorithms which ensure the relative economic pressure is no higher on anyone than anyone else;
  • THEREFORE: any political party in power within the present systems of government & economic paradigm of the world (prior to transition to an alternative non-currency-based paradigm like Open Empire), may not touch any such spending, are unable to adjust tax to affect it, and may ONLY increase tax from this base for programs of additional expenditure they’ve explained to the electorate during an election campaign;
  • THEREFORE: the less prepared a government is, the sooner it will have to go to a re-election;
  • ALSO:
    • define lying and deception during or after elections as treason;
    • redefine treason as a crime against the people’s & species of Earth;
    • define the penalty for this crime as ifetime servitude to the public without rights;
    • declare the jury to be all people via referendum on the charges laid;
    • set up a constitutionally protected open source forum for such referendum voting;
    • allow anyone at any time to propose a referendum vote on any topic (direct democracy).

Because let’s face it, the way the system is now, there’s no disincentive for manipulating the system, and it’s too easy for them to do without consequences … open source democratic processes are a good temporary transitional arrangement which can be used to take the power out of the hands of ideologies, they just have to be properly designed to protect them from corruption as much as possible.

I will write some other articles on some of the concepts mentioned here, such as minimum wages & direct democracy processes / systems.

NOTE: Open Empire is actually not about these things at all, I merely suggest them as interim arrangements & measures to reduce the damage being done by the status quo.

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