RIP Jacque Fresco

I didn’t know who you were when I started this journey 30 years ago, in fact I didn’t even understand the nature of the journey I was embarking on … and unfortunately I missed my opportunity to speak with you before you died.

But I promise you this:

While my project isn’t based on the same perspective, it aims at the same ( or at least similar ) results … and if the community of like minded people you built will get behind me, then I can achieve what you proposed in a way you might not have expected, but I’m sure you’d approve of the end results once you saw it in action.

I didn’t agree with everything you said, because we’re of two very different generations … and I thought some of the assumptions behind your work were the wrong assumptions to be using … BUT I admired the heart of you, which was obvious every time you spoke. It was clear that you loved people and loved life, and your criticisms of the world were only made as a result of that love.

RIP Jacque, I wish I could have met you in person or at least spoken to you, and all I can say is that you were right, a vastly better civilisation is possible, and I know precisely how to make it come about … unfortunately I’m even grumpier than you were, so I’m not attracting the popular following, and to be honest the idea of being a leader of people is actually annoying to me … I just want to do my work, build the system, and then disappear into the background as if I was just another user of the system.

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