Status Update – Jan 2017

Just thought I’d write a quick post about my goals for this year.

  1. I’ve been working as hard as I can to study existing open source code and systems, to see what I can use as a starting point for implementation of the prototypes I want to create;
  2. I’ve done further work on those prototypes, and will continue to do so;
  3. I’ve written an invitation for expressions of interest to attend an investment presentation for stages 0/1;
  4. I’ll be looking to find prospective pre-seed/seed/angel investors for that early stage investment;
  5. I’ll be planning to conduct it as a business breakfast at a venue, but will look at other options, and the possibility of live streaming and recording for viewing online;
  6. I’ll be redesigning this blog from scratch, looking to host a full WordPress install on a new server, and rewriting all articles again, in order to both combine and condense content, then generate a video &/or other content for each;
  7. I’ll be looking into Patreon and other channels to find regular support.

If anyone can help with any of the above or related possibilities, please let me know.

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