Support for Inventors

Whether you’re a actor, writer, musician, artist or inventor … the situation is often the same, you’ve got a lot of development time (unpaid), resource requirements (unfunded), experimental risks of trial and error (uninsured and unbudgeted), and various other time and resource costs for which you gain no assistance or income … some of which never even results in any possibility of income … but all of it is a necessary part of the journey in developing your craft and your products.

So for people who don’t start out in life with some kind of inherited wealth, it’s a bloody wonder that any of them at all ever manage to pursue their interests, because the first thing they’ve got to do is survive, but of course achieving that objective often chews up all their time and other resources until they’re exhausted and depressed … so there’s little if anything left to pursue anything other than sleep.

As the years go on, and these creative and often very sensitive souls are forced down a path in life which often has nothing whatsoever to do with their own real needs outside basic survival, they start to lose hope and motivation … and their creativity can become lost to the world forever.

So why is that? Are banks and other businesses armed with some kind of psychic capacity to know that these people had nothing to offer anyway, and that the loss of such creativity is entirely inconsequential?

No … they’re just cunts. They just don’t care.

Ok … so why does capitalism put such people in charge? Isn’t this detrimental to the very thing they claim to be after, “growth”? Well … of course it’s detrimental, but capitalism is stupid and foolish, like its leaders, whom are also disingenuous, and they’re not really after “growth”, they’re after CONTROL … that’s what it’s really about … they don’t actually care if the market grows or shrinks, so long as they remain in control.

So how can society better support creative people?

It’s easy:

  1. Stop paying such ludicrous amounts of money to sports people … I’m not saying don’t pay them well, but what they earn is ridiculous for what they actually contribute;
  2. Stop paying C-level executives what they get … no one needs to be earning up to several thousand times to pay of other employees, that’s again utterly disproportional to what they contribute;
  3. Stop paying politicians a “for life” salary … I wouldn’t mind it so much if I could identify something they did that was monumentally intelligent, but when the sum total of all things achieved in the entire world of politics is stupid, I question the merit of such a reward;
  4. Stop allowing banks to make such ludicrous rewards without sharing it adequately with the customers money from which it was generated … in fact change the banking system so that your deposits ARE your shareholding (of various classes according to ease of liquidity), and have no other shareholders on any other basis;
  5. Take all these and many other areas of ridiculous rewards, and just tone them down a bit;
  6. Make corporations pay their fair of tax;
  7. Create a living wage for all.

It’s not that hard.

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