The criminal “jobactive” programme enquiry – Parliament of Australia

The appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of jobactive
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My comments:

(a) why is there joblessness in Australia:

— because unemployment is manufactured

— because if there was a UBI the very concept of unemployment would be as redundant as it is unnecessary

(b) how do Australians effectively gain employment:

— give Australians a UBI calculated according to the cost of fulfilment of all articles of the charter of human rights, by way of an algorithm that data mines the internet in order to customise that cost of fulfilment on a per person, per location, and real-time basis

— make education free again

— then just watch as they entertain themselves pursuing their interests, with society being the benefactor REGARDLESS of whether it creates an economic outcome or not

(c) how well were unemployed workers consulted in the design of job active:

— as far as I understand, workers were not consulted at all, or at least not consulted in any meaningful, significant, and unbiased manner … as demonstrated by the fact that job active doesn’t do a damn thing to help anyone

(d) can jobactive provide long-term solutions to joblessness:

— no, don’t make me laugh … it’s stupid

(e) are mutual obligation requirements fair and if not, why not:

— of course they’re not, they’re a total breach of people’s common law & human rights … they’re worse than unfair, they’re criminal

(f) is Work for the Dole a success and if not, why not:

— what kind of question is asking whether slavery is successful … work for the dole is slavery, it is criminal

(g) what is the impact of the compliance framework:

— to exacerbate the criminal disregard of people’s common law and human rights

(h) what about the appeals process, and the lack of an employment services ombudsman:

— it is a total fraud, and I was lied to in that process by government employed staff … they committed the criminal act of fraud while also criminally shitting all over my common law and human rights

(i) what is wrong with job active funding that is driven just by the agencies’ outcomes:

— less than 25% of the budget of the department of human services is actual welfare payments … the rest is graft and corruption … what do you think is wrong with it? This is an insanity doomed to failure.

(j) are there alternative approaches to addressing joblessness:

— yes, give everyone a UBI ( properly calculated ), make education free, and let people pursue their own interests without interference or harassment as per their human rights … stop creating a problem out of nothing then pretending you’re trying to solve it ( to both major parties of mainstream politics )

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