Update: March 13, 2017 – main root domain pages finished

All the pages from the main menu links on the root domain site ( meaning open-empire.org – not this blog.open-empire.org subdomain site ) are settled for now … although I do want to come up with a replacement image for a couple of placeholders, but there’s no urgency for that.

Next steps are to update all these old imported blog pages, fix their metadata, and work towards creating some new articles which will summarise a lot better what has already been said ( but in fewer longer articles ).

Once the blog is settled, I will then start looking at installing a wiki for terms definitions which can be referred to and linked in those articles … and after that I will look at creating more images, audiovisual, interactive, and downloadable content which help explain the concepts.

Other tasks:

  • I have a GitLab install on a VM ( thanks to the help of a friend ), and I have to start looking at whether I can get that installed on the server, as it runs way too slowly off the laptop VM;
  • Install SugarCRM ( or similar ) to allow me to organise my contacts as I start to focus on pursuing partners, resources, and other business tasks;
  • Keep working on things that get a basic collaboration platform running, at least suitable for my own tasks in the short-medium term.