Why do I side with the “dark skinned people”?

This post hasn’t got anything really to do with Open Empire, not directly anyway … though I hope it will give you some impression of the way my own personal psychological & philosophical logic circuits operate.

I’ve been experiencing some replies to posts made in social media, which criticise the behaviour and attitudes of other white skinned people, and in these replies I’ve been accused of hypocrisy, bias, “betrayal of my own kind” and self-hatred. So I felt it was necessary to address the issue.

Ok … So first, let’s make one thing perfectly clear … I don’t side with anyone because of the colour of their skin, I side with them because their argument is valid, reasonable, logical and supported by evidence … the colour of their skin is completely immaterial to me.

To just make this point even more abundantly apparent, I don’t even consider “race” to be a meaningful word. There exists NO certainty whatsoever that two people of different “races” will have a greater significant difference of genetics, than two people of exactly the same race … which is why race plays no part in the taxonomy of zoology. It is meaningless.

It’s: (Domain) Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species … there’s no Race on the end.

The only person bringing race into this is you. I certainly don’t identify with being one of “your kind” (because you’re an ignoramus and a complete fucking arsehole), and far from hating myself I think I’m fucking awesome.

Indigenous people, the descendants of slaves, and other people of colour or cultural difference have a MASSIVE claim to compensation from arseholes like you and your forebears, because:

  1. Your forebears were the slave traders & their accomplices (that’s clear from the attitude you’ve been handed down);
  2. They have suffered intergenerational harm, while you’ve been granted intergenerational privilege;
  3. You and those you put power even have control of the puppet tyrants back in the home country of their ancestors;
  4. The system you want them to fully assimilate into is a system of control that respects no one but those at the top & creates barriers to escaping poverty, while also enabling and protecting bigotry and fascism …

What grounds can you possibly claim, to being a reasonable rational human being that I can trust and engage with? You’ve got nothing, you’re a fucking moron, a bigot, a xenophobe and a narcissist … I’m never going to relate to you, and I’m unlikely to take your side on anything until you drop this bullshit, because you’re unlikely to ever hold an opinion on anything that isn’t complete crap, while you simultaneously hold such an insane ideology and philosophy about life.

Quite frankly, the reason you feel so attacked when someone criticises “white people”, is because you don’t have the imagination to see yourself as HUMAN first and “white” as an inconsequential irrelevant variable about skin colour, and you’re too stupid to understand that you’re not giving them the same option, because you’re denying them what they need on the basis of their skin colour &/or cultural heritage, so what bloody option do they have but to talk about their blackness (or brownness) … since it is this irrelevant variable YOU need to accept about them! … AND … in all probability, the majority of people who are going to side with them, are the other people of similar skin colour whom have also endured (or know someone who has endured) similar prejudice.

Why can’t you see these bleeding obvious & self-evident truths? Are you blind and stupid? Rhetorical, of course you are … no one else could fucking miss it … So:

  1. Stop seeing criticism of historical facts about what white people have done, as a criticism of you personally … they’re only a criticism of you, if you defend those historical facts as being perfectly OK … they’re only criticisms of you, if you hypocritically deny someone else what you would expect yourself, were you in their shoes;
  2. Stop seeing the racism of others as a justification for your own or someone else’s … not very many people at all are claiming no other cultures have exercised racist beliefs, policies and actions … but the fact remains, no one has done so in recent history on the same scale of the white dominated culture of today’s world … and since today’s world is the most technologically powerful, populous, politically, militarily and economically powerful world that has ever existed, it is therefore true that white racism has exceeded all past racism of all cultures;
  3. Very few people are saying “all white people are bad and always have been” … get the fuck over the fact that they have criticisms of SOME white people, SOME aspects of an arguably white dominated global socioeconomic culture … and STOP coming to the defence of others because they are white … IF you’re going to defend someone, it can only be because:
    1. they are innocent;
    2. there’s not enough information to conclusively prove their guilt;
    3. the punishment is disproportional to the crime, or;
    4. there’s extenuating circumstances which forced their hand or created an ‘accident’.

Defending anyone because you don’t like criticism of people who are the same colour as you, and you feel it automatically makes you guilty of a crime, is always bigotry … and calls of “reverse racism” are just fucking stupid … THE ONLY EXCEPTION to this is if the specific claims made by the person, explicitly state that you personally are guilty of personally committing an act.

Now, I have some quite militant African American friends, and even they only barely start approaching this line, and the only time I’ve ever seen them cross it, was in a moment of anger … which is not to say I didn’t meet others (through them) who didn’t cross it frequently and way too easily, but that’s irrelevant when it comes to the claims being made about past and present injustices committed by a system quite evidently biased against them.

… and if you seriously think you can claim that you’d go through what they have done, without feeling equally bitter … well you’re a better man than I Gungadin, because I’m pretty certain I could not … I feel bad enough about what has been done to me! But I doubt that you could … you’re not better, you’re just a hypocrite who feels well enough serviced by the status quo, and doesn’t want to hear challenges against it that aren’t your personal fight. You feel insulted that your fucked up ancestors are criticised, and you don’t want to hear about what that system owes these people (and many others with similar but different grievances, like the poor, disabled, elderly, women in general, veterans, and the mentally ill).

Basically what I am saying is this:

  • Your perspective is fucked up, immature, and cowardly;
  • You’re a bigot, a xenophobe, and an utterly selfish cunt;
  • You need to shut the fuck up and allow others to get what they need, so they can heal.

Nuff said.

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