Why won’t I publish all the details

This is a very succinct and simple post to answer one question, which may or may not have gone through the minds of some readers …

“why won’t I publish all the details of my work over the past few decades?”

The answer to which is simple, and comes in 2 parts:

  1. I can’t afford to even write it: I’m too busy trying to keep my life together on a budget of nothing … if I had the resources I need, I could do more than just publish it, I could actually build it (which is what I’m trying to do);
  2. Because everybody wants to be the hero: not me, I mean others … to be completely honest I’d be rid of this whole thing if I could, but the reality is I’m stuck with it; because if I published every single concept & all their detail, some bloody idiot would steal it, take credit for it, completely fuck it up, and make it even harder for me to fix … and they’d do it because they wanna be the hero & take credit, consequences be damned … that OR someone would steal it in order to corrupt it, take control of it, or some other agenda with a similar outcome of fucking things up & making it even harder (perhaps impossible) to fix.

We have a limited time to act, and the only reason I’d ever hand over every aspect of this idea to another person, is if I trusted them more than myself to respect the principles above their own personal agenda … and the only point at which I’ll actually fully open it to the public (which I do intend to do), is once I’ve developed those aspects of it which protect it from interference & corruption.

Why? Because human beings are stupid, and any stupid selfish thing you can imagine happening, will probably happen, because they’re currently motivated by a system that rewards them for being stupid & selfish.

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