World “leaders” of business and government … what’s their excuse?

In the great tradition of insulting people … Ok, not people, arseholes … who basically need insulting (because they’re arseholes), I’m going to go even further out on a limb and ask a series of related questions that I think are long overdue (and you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll never be asked in mainstream media).

Now, to first put them in some context, I’ll just quickly repeat some things I’ve said several times before:

  • Our world’s self-proclaimed “elite” and “leaders” are (for the most part) typically quite wealthy;
  • In many instances, they benefit from intergenerational wealth and privilege that can date back many centuries;
  • With all these resources, power & privilege at their disposal (& for so long), they really don’t have much excuse for the state of the world today … I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10, they score at least an 11 for incompetence … especially in the light of their claim to be somehow “elite”.

So which is it (?):

  1. Are they stupid, and this is really the best they can do?
  2. Are they insane, and actually think this is great?
  3. Are they blind, and cannot see what is wrong?
  4. Are they gutless, and can’t bring themselves to fix it?
  5. Are they evil, and this is what they want?
  6. Are they narcissistic, and desperately trying to save face by pretending none of this could be helped?

… or is there some other bizarre set of excuses they have, to justify how they’ve used their influence, power & wealth?

I cannot look at this world I’ve been brought into, and think that on any level we can assess the vast majority of these so called “leaders” throughout history, to have been (at best) anything much more than lucky … they were lucky to be born into a situation that afforded them power and privilege, and they were lucky they rarely had to pay the price of their mistakes … because someone or something else paid it for them.

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