You thought the leaf blower was bad …

After recently writing an article about the inefficiency of capitalism as demonstrated by the leaf blower vs. broom, I felt compelled to write this brief follow up.

Have a look at the image on this post and think about that for a little while. How is it even possible that any economic system would ever waste the resources required, in order to do something so totally redundant and wasteful?

Why would anyone in their right mind pay for a pre-cut avocado in this ludicrously excessive packaging, when you could just buy an avocado, and pull a knife out of your kitchen drawer? Why would ANY economic system produce it? How can anyone claim capitalism is “efficient”, when there are so many examples of this kind of insanity?

Capitalism is the antithesis of efficiency.

Furthermore, how can you call yourself a capitalist AND a conservative? What exactly are you conserving? What where and when is capitalism ever conserving anything anywhere?

Capitalism does the opposite of conserving anything at all.

I remember years ago watching a video by the Rocky Mountain Institute, where Amory Lovins was describing the inefficiency of a modern internal combustion engine motor vehicle … now fine, we’re finally getting around to replacing them, but after more than 100 years of evolution, they were still only using ( on average ) 0.2% of the available energy in the fuel to move the mass of the driver, and that’s not even including the wastefulness of traffic, road planning, and people’s reasons for driving.

If you think capitalism is efficient, you’re doing 1 thing: expressing your total ignorance and inability to think critically.

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