Business thinking: an attention span rivalled by any goldfish

I write a lot of articles that ridicule others … not to be mean or cruel, but to motivate them to question their beliefs; as all humans are motivated by pleasure and pain, hence I’m introducing an element of pain … ie – the evidence of their stupidity … because no one wants to not only look like a fool, but to be fundamentally proven to BE one.

Now … if your skin is even slightly thick, if you have a backbone, you’re willing to acknowledge fault and change … or if you’re smart and wise enough that the following doesn’t apply to you … then you have no reason to feel offended … it’s only those defending their stupidity and unwilling to question it or change who need to feel like idiots, and only so long as it takes them to wake up.

The 3 minute elevator pitch:

Here’s my beef with the business community:

  1. You want to claim you’re “the smartest guys in the room”;
  2. Yet all evidence is to the contrary;
  3. You demand those of us who actually create things in the first place, dumb it down so you can understand it;
  4. You demand we cram that explanation into a “3 minute elevator pitch”, entirely on your terms;
  5. You demand this pitch be entirely in your language and prioritised to your agenda;
  6. Which means not only do we have to learn our own VASTLY more complex bodies of knowledge (required to invent / discover things in the first place), AND spend all that time in contemplation, extrapolation, calculation, estimation, experimentation and testing … AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT we have to learn YOUR field of knowledge, and dumb everything down into that language WITHOUT losing so much context as to make it meaningless … so that you can understand it before you’re distracted by a fucking SQUIRREL!!!

… smartest guys in the room?

Please … I’d laugh if only the consequences weren’t so tragic and catastrophic.


The only such thing as a smart investor MUST also coincide with a courageous one … which does not mean all courageous ones are smart, but if they’re not, they cannot be.

We live in a world of serious consequences, where for every one of you guys who cannot see the bleeding obvious fact that we’re accelerating over the cliff, and that your economic belief paradigms are the cause … the acceleration of growth of that acceleration increases. This is insanity.

At some stage, before everything is dead, you have to be willing to take a risk … but the risk of faili to act, dwarfs that risk … so it should be a no-brainer, but given how many of you have no brains, we are still waiting to see this courage.

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