Policy: where insanity, stupidity and ignorance, breed with corruption

Have you ever been on a customer service call with some company, whom have arguably already utterly failed by providing you with crap products which aren’t worth half what they’re priced at (even if they actually worked) … and as you explain the situation to someone who basically doesn’t care, it dawns on you they’re not going to do even a bare minimum level of reparation for the misdeeds on their part … THEN as you try to do their job for them, to provide a win-win outcome, you hear this word: “policy” … and basically, you might as well just hang up the call.

Policy is how government’s excuse fascism and human rights abuses.

Policy is how corporations avoid responsibility for damages.

Policy is how they invalidate your attempt to even just converse with them.

… and you’ll hear this word whenever you push an organisation beyond any point at which they want to take responsibility for something, even if it’s entirely 100% their fault.

In the present day, policy is how they’re excusing the fact that we’re killing the planet … because their policy is “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” …

… and as far as they’re concerned, plants are terrorists for giving the rest of us oxygen for free.

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