Hippies and corporate Think Tanks

I met a guy a while back now, from Northern NSW, but originally from the USA … a bit of a hippy, and was convinced he could heal me from my stress with an American Indian drum … which possibility I’m not entirely discounting … but here’s the thing: he explained to me during our extensive conversation that he used to work for a very large number of corporations, who basically paid him to figure out how people and governments would attempt to protect something they had a vested interest in destroying, and then they’d use the information he provided them, to help devise a strategy to destroy it for as much profit as possible.

Yes … people like this really exist.

Now … putting aside for a minute of claiming he could heal my stress … wouldn’t a more rational person just stop fucking causing it in the first place by empowering these psychopaths?

He was working with some others (of similar financial means to himself) to purchase a large property to set up a “healing sanctuary” … and again, I can’t help but wonder why he wants to create a sanctuary if he’s only going to empower the very people who will destroy so much of the planet and its ecosystems that no such sanctuary anywhere will likely survive.

Who are these hippies?

Why are they so gullible as grown adults, to fall for these kind of grifters?

Quite clearly, here’s his real agenda:

  • I’ve made a lot of money however I could, and I don’t care about the consequences … if I did, I wouldn’t have done it;
  • So “I’m alright Jack” … and who gives a fuck about anyone else;
  • Now I can use that money to create a “sanctuary” where I’ll rip off gullible hippies for “healing”.

I really don’t understand how anyone beyond their early to mid 20s at the latest could actually fall for this.

… and think about it, this is where all our resources are going, into people like this … selfishly “looking after their own interests”, and too stupid to see they’re not even doing that.

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