Capitalism Fascism and Pedophilia

Have you heard this one?

A capitalist, a fascist, and a pedophile, walk into a bar. The bartender addresses the capitalist and says: “what’ll it be sir?”, and the capitalist replies: “all your money, but keep $10 for yourself because I’m feeling generous”.

He empties the till, and transfers the rest of the money from his mobile banking app, then turns to the fascist and says: “how about you mate?”, and the fascist replies: “I’ll take your land and business titles, and all your profits from here on”. So finally after signing over the paperwork, he turns to the pedophile and says: “not much left, but can I get you a drink?”, to which the pedophile replies: “yes but get your children to serve it to me privately in one of your rooms upstairs”.

You may have noticed, this isn’t a joke; in fact it’s not even funny … but that’s pretty much the reality & hypocrisy of the world. The capitalist wants to pretend he’s not as bad as the fascist, and they both want to pretend they’re not as bad as the pedophile; but the reality is that all 3 of them are predatory exploiters of others.

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