Update Feb 2017 – website attack

A few days ago my site was attacked by some coward who clearly cannot handle critique or debate, and who didn’t have the guts to face me in person … they hacked my account and deleted all the permanent pages – too bad for them this was a mere inconvenience with a backup both on the server and my local machine.

A message to that coward: all you did was prove that you’re a coward, and that you can’t handle ideas contrary to your own … why don’t you grow some balls and come find me in person, and see if you can take on a guy with spinal damage, I’ll be happy to prove to you that you’re also piss weak in real life, just as you are in cyber world … and the sad thing is, you have to live with the memory of knowing that you did this: you proved with your own actions what a coward you are … good work dickhead, I couldn’t have insulted you better than you’ve done to yourself.

Pages are back online from my own backup, and I’m still working on the new site design, which hopefully will be online in the next month or two.

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