Hi everyone.

My website is about to switch hosts very soon, and in that process I’m going to give it a bit of a makeover.

Please bear with me, the site may go offline for a day or so over the next couple of weeks, and as web-design & development has not been my thing before, I’m having to teach myself everything as I go along.

I’ll have a few links on the new site that go to a holding page that will say “coming soon”, and each of those pages may take some time to develop, some of which will be the home page of a new subdomain.


If anyone can and is willing to assist, please contact me.



So the new site root will be the same open-empire.org, but the existing blog (using WordPress) will be ported to a subdomain blog.open-empire.org … and I will be revising the blog content and aesthetics over time.


The pages and posts of the root site and blog may refer to terminology which needs some explanation, so I’ll be installing a Wikimedia site to this subdomain, and the articles elsewhere can then reference definitions in the wiki, so that it’s easier for people to come up to speed with the concepts.


Eventually I’ll find a way to create some products which can support the Project Collaboration Development & Resource Allocation Framework … and once that framework is up and running, projects undertaken within the framework will have their products advertised here (as well as on their own sites). This might take a while to get going, but it will certainly speed things up once it gets there.


This will be an access portal to the framework, where you can view publicly accessible information about both the framework, and any projects undertaken within it. This framework will incorporate a Git or GitLab installation most likely, but there’s quite a few things that can’t be done with either that will need to be developed as well.


Any project that passes a particular development milestone will get its own subdomain until it’s ready for its own full domain.


The Open Empire Foundation will utilise a form of ethical investment hedge fund to create a bi-directionally translating interface and buffer between itself and the status quo non-property/trade/currency-based (capitalist) economic paradigm, which shall allow for specialised investment opportunities in projects undertaken in the framework, while also recording all project contributions – by project staff, framework systems, other resources, and the natural world – as further investments … and this shall form the basis of the profit sharing arrangements during transitional times as we head towards an ever evolving full-blown real life Resources Based Economy (RBE).

IN OTHER WORDS: if you want to invest your time and skills, your equipment, your ideas, or your money into a projects, all of these will eventually be available, and any resources contributed by other species and the natural world, will also be counted and quantified.


This might be the equivalent of a kind of “corporate” subsite, but of course the foundation acts as a Non-For-Profit (NFP) Trustee of the Open Empire Trust.


If there’s any need for a subdomain, this would contain information most related to the trust itself and its beneficiaries, which are defined to be:

“The living and non-living elements and ecosystems of planet Earth”

I think that just about wraps it up for now, but any of this could change as things progress.

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