Update: March 9, 2017 – New Websites Live

OK … there’s still a lot more to do, but here’s how things stand:

  • The old Open Empire blog pages and articles have been imported into blog.open-empire.org
  • The root domain open-empire.org has a link to the blog via the Learn menu
  • I have rearranged a little of the look, feel, and functionality of the WordPress blog, but most of it is still just the same content at present

  • I will be going through the pages and posts of both the parent domain and subdomain over the next few days and weeks to rewrite and rearrange things
  • There’s a new Twitter account @OpenEmpireFound for the Open Empire Foundation, but there’s some links to it on this site that still need updating
  • I haven’t reconnected properly to Medium or Tumblr
  • There’s a new Google+ account for Trevor Rose (Open Empire Foundation), and I will be working on a YouTube channel for this site over the coming weeks and months
  • There’s a PayPal link if you want to help me out (I could really use it) which is from the Contribute page of the parent domain
  • I will look into creating a Patreon account and some kind of crowdfunding in the near future … but as you can see there’s quite a bit to come before that … so if you can donate to the PayPal link in the meantime, that would be great.