Capitalism: the autoimmune disease of civilisation

When your own cells start attacking each other, when your immune system itself fails … you’re in serious trouble.

Capitalism is the economic equivalent of an autoimmune disease … let’s look at the evidence:

  1. Capitalism refuses to take responsibility, and blames other things … ie – it tricks us (we are the immune system, the things that are supposed to be actively getting rid of harmful things, and repairing damage) into ignoring it … very much like some Frankenstein love child of a cancer, virus and autoimmune disease;
  2. It consumes lots of resources and motivates the consumption of more;
  3. It damages the capacity for repair, replenishment & renewal;
  4. It drains each system dry until it is exhausted (extinct), then exhausts the next;
  5. It grows without constraint, reserve or concern.

If ever there was a better analogy to a disease, I cannot think of it.

This disease is killing us … and it’s long since time we got rid of it.

The problem of course is that being an autoimmune disease, it tricks us into thinking nothing is wrong, or that the problem is something else … so it’s hard to get people yo look at the idea seriously, as they cannot imagine a workd not dominated by this insanity.

To cure our body (civilisation), we must first cure our immune system (people), to fight the disease (the profit motive) … which means we need to bypass the information corruption which causes people not to attack that system, and there are several ways of achieving this … all of which are hardcoded into the DNA of Open Empire.

However, we also have a dilemma … as certain elements of our dysfunctional immune system have more power (resources) than others, and they are similarly also suffering a greater level of corruption and dysfunction … so we cannot trust these people not to take the principles of Open Empire, and either sabotage them, abuse them, or in some other way attempt to corrupt or exploit them … therefore we must to some degree conceal certain truths from those subversive elements, until such time as Open Empire has gathered enough momentum to resist such influences.

With this in mind, there are a few things I would love to publish, but I’m not going to … not yet.

Suffice to say, I can tell you this:

  • People whom have not yet been deprogrammed can nonetheless be influenced;
  • Activities can serve multiple purposes … and;
  • Consequences can be generated from seemingly unrelated phenomena.

However to do any of this, I need your support … I need you to buy me the time and resources to allow me to work on this full time, to invest in equipment, and also to hire other expertise (some of which is very rare).

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