Project Status: April 2016.

I thought I’d just publish a general update, and do these periodically (this being the first):

  • Crowdfunding has helped take a small amount of pressure off my shoulders, much appreciated;
  • This has allowed me to reduce my general stress slightly, and to get a couple of minor things;
  • The upside is that with reduced stress I’ve been able to focus a little better;
  • However I’m still in much greater need, so I’m considering a change of strategy (doing some digital publishing).


  • I’ve finished creating / designing the base architecture of some of the more critical components of the object model for a modified blockchain, which is actually capable of handling non-property/trade/currency-based economics etc.;
  • I’ve completed some additional research required before commencing coding of that blockchain (and related elements);
  • I’ve found some more open source code which can potentially short-cut development of some of the framework components;
  • I’ve started writing some other works which may be able to provide a source of funding in the future (?)

I do still need your help …

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