Eco-friendly tech won’t solve the problem

I keep hearing/reading/seeing people mistakenly believe that eco-friendly technology will solve all the problems of human civilisation … but here’s why that’s never going to be true, so long as money exists & runs the show:

  • Money can only be used once, and it doesn’t care what you do to get it;
  • Money can be lost, stolen, taxed, defrauded or wasted in other ways;
  • If you don’t have enough, you have to spend your time & energy getting more;
  • If the ultra wealthy cared that so many suffer, they could have done something about it long ago … but they only care for the continuance of the suffering of others, as this keeps everyone else under control, in fear of such suffering;
  • So most people have few resources, a tight budget & only meagre revenue;
  • THE MOTIVATION OF ALL PEOPLE is therefore to escape this hardship;
  • This motivation drives people to exploit whatever they can, as fast as they can, with the least responsibility they can for any negative consequences;
  • It also drives them to cheat, steal, kill & betray each other;
  • So whatever natural resources you save in one area by an “eco friendly” device, will be quickly chewed up by this constant drive to exploit resources for profit …

… OR …

  • Those at the top will put a stranglehold on society to stop anymore people climbing higher, so as to constrain resource consumption AND they’ll start more wars & other ways of killing off people & forcibly reducing people’s resource consumption … because the last thing they’ll ever do, is take a hit to their own power, comfort & status;
  • Those same people will even go so far as to betray many of their allies, and thus further depress consumption, if they have to;
  • In their bid to stay on top of the shit heap of society, they’ll inadvertently prevent certain solutions to ecological & social problems, they’ll create more such problems, and they won’t care so long as they stay on top of the shit heap.

So as the species extinction rate continues, their habitat continues to shrink, and ecosystems become less probabilistically stable over varying time-scales … the money system will nonetheless demand that you produce & consume an increasing amount of profit so that the ruling class don’t have to work …

… and the only non-currency based economics which could evolve out of this is entirely the wrong kind: IT’S CALLED SLAVERY.

We are faced with a choice between extinction versus even more draconian measures of social control, IF this system continues … and all the energy efficient light bulbs in the world won’t save us, they’ll merely delay that fate slightly. In fact you’re already watching it happen around you right now.

We have something approaching 8 billion people on the planet … a great many of whom live in such dire poverty they’re starving to death, many more live in poverty that makes their life not worth living, and many more again live under so much stress it certainly makes them wonder whether life is worth living from time to time. This is neither acceptable nor necessary!


  1. Put the brakes on the existing system as it stands through eco friendly measures;
  2. Asset strip the most evil of the ultra wealthy & use those resources to ease suffering & solve problems;
  3. Centralise the most vital communal needs of society, and determine which technologies & production methods deliver those needs at highest quality to the greatest number of people & with the least harmful ecological & social consequences;
  4. Shut down production of all cheap crap that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for marketing to trick people into thinking they need it;
  5. Make a minimum wage algorithm based on data-mining the internet to calculate the cost of delivery (by location) of all articles of the charter of human rights;
  6. Make this living minimum wage available to all whether they work or not;
  7. STOP RELIGIONS from telling people to breed so indiscriminately, smack conservatives down (as hard as necessary & without hesitation) if they try to prevent or interfere with mature conversations about sex (& thus influence the human birth rate detrimentally via manufacturing ignorance), & provide better sex & contraceptives education & supply;
  8. Make a maximum wage algorithm based partly on the capacity of a person within a business to raise the bottom, median & mean (average) wages … so if you want a pay raise at the top, you can only do so by justifying a raise for everyone else first (whom you already make more than so stop fucking complaining you greedy fucking narcissistic arseholes);
  9. Make this maximum wage also partially dependant on reducing ecological & social harm, while maximising ecological & social benefits;


10. Implement OpenEmpire simultaneously to all this … these actions will buy more time for OpenEmpire to reduce ecological & social harm, increase benefits, accelerate technological development; then hopefully save us from both the momentum of the issues we’ve caused ourselves, and save us from even greater consequences, such as: the probability of an extinction level NEO impact & wiping us all out, while most of us are too busy struggling to survive to take it serious (as the very real threat that it is) … amongst various other possibilities of calamitous events beyond our control or capacity to predict at present.

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