Internet Privacy & FBI back doors

I’m sure you’ve all seen in the news this debate over whether or not the FBI should be able to force IT companies to give them a back door into anyone’s data … and you’ve probably seen their ridiculous argument about the devices they claim they need access to as justification for this intrusion into EVERYONE’s devices.

This article will be brief, because the solution is so ridiculously simple it beggars belief the police couldn’t come up with a better excuse.

Get a fucking warrant cunts! (A case specific warrant for each device).

Excuse the profanity, but I have no respect whatsoever for this blatantly corrupt act.

This has NOTHING TO DO WITH SOLVING CRIME, not one thing.

This has to do with fascism.

Warrants & court orders have existed for how fucking long? Decades? Centuries? This is what they’re for, I thought you fucking retarded arseholes would have learned this at cop-school?

If you seriously have genuine evidence that someone had committed a crime, go get a warrant …


If we do not block this, we are giving the police the power to PLANT “evidence” and thus frame people for crimes they didn’t commit (not something that hasn’t happened heaps already, but we don’t need to make it easier for them do we?)

No sane person should support this. Stop letting them manipulate your emotions as THINK!

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