Open letter to the 0.0001%

If you’re doing extremely well (financially) in this world, and if you believe the principles of evolution in conjunction with your financial status, prove that you’re stronger & more fit for survival, thus justifying the actions you take to achieve that “success” … I want to set the record straight for you, and save you from your delusion.

First of all … look around you, look at this world & what has become of it … the species extinction rate, the destruction of natural beauty in the Earth’s ecosystems, the pollution, poverty, suffering, torture, slavery & death … this system that supports you so well, is insane … so you’re not “stronger” or more fit for survival, you’re merely better adapted to an insane system, and there’s a very good chance this means you’re out of your tiny little mind right along with it.Secondly, if you were really so brilliant, with all the resources at your disposal, and if others like you were also so brilliant … then please explain how, with the command of the vast majority of the world’s resources at your collective disposal, you’re all failing utterly to fix anything. Really, what the fuck is your excuse?

NOW … if you’re part of this self proclaimed elite of the world, how long are you going to wait before you admit that you collectively haven’t a clue what you’re doing? How long before you admit that you don’t even understand the total scope & scale, nor the full extent of the consequences of the issues we face as a species, a civilisation … and as the only species capable of saving ourselves & all our (remaining, as yet un-slaughtered) cousin species, from both the disasters we’ve brought on ourselves, and other potential natural disasters that could take place, such as the extinction level impact of an NEO, which are arguably going to require everyone on the planet being free to exercise their potential without restraint, if we are to survive such things (?)

What say you? Isn’t it time you all gave up this bullshit farce of pretending you’re better than everyone else, when the only evidence you have to support that, is due to the poverty you inflict on others, and which is severely undermined (to say the least) by all the evidence to the contrary, not the least of which is the absolute gutlessness you all show in regards to this very challenge of just stepping down & being real with everyone else, and not such a pack of useless psychopathic & sociopathic cunts?

Who the fuck do you think you’re impressing? Other psychopaths & sociopaths?

Step down guys … before we’re all fucking extinct. Your system is fundamentally flawed & broken, it was never going to work … this world you see around you is the direct result of your delusion.

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