Update: March 11, 2017 – About page almost complete

I’m just putting some final touches on one of the main pages from the root domain open-empire.org/#about after having mostly finished modifying the CSS styling – you might need to refresh your browser to see the new styling – from the template I started with … so keen to get feedback on this page before I move on to the next one … I’m still in the middle of modifying the “history” section down the bottom, but most of the page is done.
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Update: March 9, 2017 – New Websites Live

OK … there’s still a lot more to do, but here’s how things stand:

  • The old Open Empire blog pages and articles have been imported into blog.open-empire.org
  • The root domain open-empire.org has a link to the blog via the Learn menu
  • I have rearranged a little of the look, feel, and functionality of the WordPress blog, but most of it is still just the same content at present

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I’ve had my articles read by people from around 100 countries or so, but the limitation of course is English only … so I would like to talk to anyone who would be willing to help translate the pages & articles into other languages, and anyone who understands how to best offer multiple languages via WordPress.com hosting (or failing that, can help redevelop the site on its own server using the full installation of WordPress).

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Project Update: September 2016

Hi all … very briefly:

  1. I’m sick with viral fever, headache, body ache, chest cough & phlegm … I’d describe the phlegm in detail but I really don’t think you’d want to know … point is, I’m holed up in bed, trying to stay warm, and seriously frustrated and bored … so I guess I’ve been pushing myself too hard for my condition;
  2. My laptop died (again), after I got it hobbling again last time I thought I might be in the clear, but right now I’m too sick to do anything about it, my head hurts all the time (especially when I cough) … so fuck it, I’m in bed doing what I can on mobile device with one finger typing;
  3. I’ve sold my rowing machine for money (since I couldn’t use it any more without undue risk due to spinal damage), and that money is all spent on flights and taxis to help care for a sick then injured dog whom I love very dearly & who lost his original human dad, so we’ve bonded very closely … and with my car having died early last year, I no longer have any major assets remaining that are sufficiently functional to sell off for cash …

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Project Status: April 2016.

I thought I’d just publish a general update, and do these periodically (this being the first):

  • Crowdfunding has helped take a small amount of pressure off my shoulders, much appreciated;
  • This has allowed me to reduce my general stress slightly, and to get a couple of minor things;
  • The upside is that with reduced stress I’ve been able to focus a little better;
  • However I’m still in much greater need, so I’m considering a change of strategy (doing some digital publishing).

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